Jubimeth RP


Product Description:

Methionine is an essential and multifunction nutrient in ruminant's diets. It plays vital role in Protein synthesis, methionine functions as a universal methyl donor & precursor to a number of other antioxidants.

Physical Description & Composition:

Appearance : Beige Colored, Granular
DL-Methionine : NLT 50%


Encapsulated for rumen protection and maximum delivery at small intestine
50 % Methionine activity
85 % duodenal availability
Macro-capsules form for better mixing


Improves N efficiency & feed intake [1] 2
Synthesis of milk protein for high SNF
Improve liver function[2]
Activates Rumen Micro flora

Inclusion Rate:

Regular Usages

10 g/day/animal for growth & milk production


30g/day/animal (4 –weeks pre calving & 10 weeks post calving)

In Feed

500-1000 g/MT of Feed



1 kg pouch x 25 kg bag

Industry Application Areas

Animal Nutrition

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