Supply Chain

Suppliers are essential to our Success. Our supplier strategy is geared towards building powerful and productive relationships with suppliers focusing on meeting business objectives, profitability, growth, innovation and sustainability.

The Supplier Centre provides access to tools and information to help current and future suppliers of Jubilant Ingrevia Limited. It provides a single-window to Jubilant Ingrevia Limited sourcing & logistics information, policies, and transaction tools. This facilitates our potential and existing suppliers to understand our expectations and what they can expect from us.

“Partners in Progress”

What we expect from our suppliers

  • Commitment to reliable & long term supply relationship
  • Capability to provide raw materials & services to support Innovation
  • Global Presence -To support strategic geographies and a broad variety of needs
  • Cost Competitiveness
  • Contribute to sustainable development by providing environmentally responsible solutions.
  • Embody responsible and ethical business practices.
  • Consistency in supply, service & quality
  • Practice Responsible Care® - chemical industry’s global voluntary initiative to continuously improve Health, Safety and environmental performance.
  • Follow the highest standards of ethical business practices as outlined in our ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’
Interested in becoming a supplier?

New Suppliers are encouraged to register on our supplier portal with accurate and validated information. Once registered successfully, the supplier can supply to Jubilant Ingrevia Limited across multiple locations.

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What suppliers can expect from us

Jubilant Ingrevia Limited recognizes suppliers as an integral component of its value chain. By partnering with Jubilant Ingrevia Limited , suppliers can expect healthy business volumes and improved market reputation for their businesses. As Jubilant works to achieve its corporate commitments and growth goals, we create the benefit of growth opportunities for our suppliers.

How we source

Jubilant Ingrevia Limited's sourcing policy lies in line with the best practices adopted and recommended by world-class organizations and consultants. The sourcing & logistics procurement function in Jubilant Ingrevia is organized to effectively leverage the buying power across all Jubilant Ingrevia Locations. Jubilant Ingrevia has it’s own dedicated team for sourcing of Raw Materials & Packing Material which also cross coordinate with each other for single-window buying of Common Raw Materials & Packing Materials.

Who Can Buy at Jubilant Ingrevia

Execution authority is needed for anyone to procure materials or services on behalf of Jubilant Ingrevia. This authority is granted to personnel in buying roles or in buying teams. Only a personnel with proper execution authority can establish an agreement that commits Jubilant Ingrevia funds to be paid to a supplier. Someone without an execution authority cannot ‘Buy’ on behalf of Jubilant Ingrevia.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Jubilant Ingrevia Limited (the “Company”) is committed to doing business ethically and responsibly and expects the same of its Suppliers. In support of this commitment, the Company has developed this Supplier Code of Conduct to convey its expectations of its Suppliers with regards to compliance with laws, ethical business practices and fair treatment of people and surroundings.

The Company suppliers should strictly observe and comply with all the fundamental principles stated below, as well as the Company Code of Conduct as applicable. The Company may verify its Suppliers’ compliance with this Code, through audits. Violations of this code could be grounds for termination of the Supplier’s business relationship with the Company, and such Supplier could also be precluded from future business.

  • Act in compliance with laws. Supplier shall maintain awareness of and comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries where they operate, including, but not limited to – where applicable – anti-corruption laws, customs regulations, export and trade control laws, transportation laws, and fair trade practices and competition laws, etc.
  • Do business ethically. Supplier shall not pay bribes or provide kickbacks or give anything of value or extend any favours to secure business or any business advantage. Supplier shall not allow itself to be used as a vehicle for any money laundering activities.
  • Prohibition of inappropriate gifts, meals and entertainment. Supplier shall not provide or offer gifts, meals or entertainment (including cash or cash equivalents) that could appear to inappropriately influence a business decision. Business courtesies of nominal value may be offered only in a manner consistent with the Company Code of Conduct.
  • Demonstrate respect for people. Supplier shall seek to employ a diverse workforce, provide a work place free of discrimination and harassment, and treat employees fairly, including with respect to wages, working hours, benefits and working conditions.
  • Respect fundamental human rights. Supplier shall ensure that the products and materials they sell or the services they render to the Company are not created by using child labour, forced labour or through the victims of human trafficking and shall take all steps to eliminate such practices in their supply chains.
  • Provide a safe working environment. Supplier shall provide to its employees and contracted services providers, a safe, clean and healthy working environment, systems and tools that are necessary to ensure compliance with all relevant laws, rules, and regulations. It shall strive to prevent occupational injuries and safety incidents including during transportation for which it shall engage qualified logistics service providers having certified containers, facilities, personnel, systems, practices, and capability to respond to all emergencies so as to minimise any adverse impact on the environment or the communities that it operates in.
  • Comply with environmental regulations. Supplier shall conduct its businesses and operate its facilities in a manner compliant with applicable environmental laws, regulations and industry standards and shall support the Company’s efforts to operate sustainably.
  • Provision of high-quality products and services. Suppliers will need to demonstrate that they have quality management systems. Suppliers within the food and drugs value chain need to have robust food and drugs safety systems in place.
  • Keep accurate books and records. Supplier shall maintain accurate books and business records as required by applicable legal and regulatory requirements and accepted accounting practices. Manage and protect information. Supplier shall take appropriate steps to protect the Company’s proprietary or confidential information, intellectual properties and trade secrets, including the privacy of information and data of the Company’s employees and customers.
  • Reputation and Brand. Suppliers shall not take any action that compromises or could be detrimental to the Company name, its reputation, brand, and/or its product trademarks.
  • Reporting of Misconduct: Where permitted by law, suppliers may report suspected violations of this Supplier Code of Conduct to the Ombudsperson, Jubilant at or by post to Post Box No. 4374, Ombudsperson - Jubilant Group, New Delhi.

Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

EHS Policy

EHS Policy

Green Supply Chain Policy

Green Supply Chain Policy


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