Jubithione – Copper Pyrithione (CuPT)


Ships, fishnets or other underwater structures or equipment tends to be attacked by aquatic organisms such as barnacles, mussels and algae etc. In the case of a ship's hull, the growth of marine organisms on the hull can increase the frictional resistance between the hull and water, thus increasing fuel consumption by 80% and reducing the speed of the ship significantly. The Jubithione CuPT is the most preferred solution for such problems.

Jubithione CuPT is a

  • Solid olive green powder ready for direct incorporation in customer’s formulations.
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial with excellent anti-algal efficacy.
  • Non VOCs and excellent heat and pH stability.
  • Low water solubility & low leach rate providing a long term protection


  • Assay (% w/w): Not less than 96.0
  • Copper content (% w/w): 18.5-20.0
  • pH (5.0% slurry in pH 7.0 water): 6.0- 9.0

Industry Application Areas

Other Industrial Applications

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