Jubithione – Sodium Pyrithione (NaPT)


It causes fluids to deteriorate and degrades the fluid performance; this in turn causes damage to the work piece, cutting tools and fluid handling systems. It can also affect workers by causing foul odors, skin irritation and allergic reactions. These problems can be reduced or eliminated through the proper use of an antimicrobial agent.

Jubilant’s Jubithione NaPT is amber color, clear, 40% aqueous solution of Sodium Pyrithione:

  • High efficacy against bacteria and fungi
  • Offers pronounced growth-inhibiting activity against both yeasts and molds.
  • Ready for direct incorporation in customers formulations
  • Water soluble
  • Used as a wet-state preservative.
  • Possesses non-irritating and non-sensitizing properties.


  • Sodium Pyrithione: 40 - 42% w/w
  • pH [neat]: 8.5 - 10.5

REACH Status Pre-registered

Industry Application Areas

Other Industrial Applications

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