Product Description:

Anichol-75 is Choline Chloride Aqueous 75% that is essential for growth and optimum health of poultry bird and helps in getting best returns on investments.


Choline Chloride Aqueous 75%
Chloride having 55.95%

Product Features:

Contains Choline Chloride NLT 75%
TMA level NMT 300 PPM
Colourless & odorless liquid


Prevent fatty liver syndrome
Prevents bone abnormality or Perosis in chicks
Improves FCR & growth

Recommended Inclusion Level (gm/MT of Feed):

Commercial Layers, Commercial Broilers, and Breeders: 1 ml/liter of water


230kg/250Lt. HMHDPE Drum

Industry Application Areas

Animal Nutrition

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